Services for Individuals

Fall Prevention

Sometimes as we age we begin to fear falling down and hurting ourselves. At Home Today, we can help prevent falls through an individualized program to:

Management of Long-Term Health

Sometimes life gives us the challenge of living with a long-term disease or diagnosis. At Home Today, we know the difficulties older adults face in their daily lives while living with a chronic disease. We help you manage symptoms and provide solutions to living with conditions including:

Home Modifications 

Following an illness or injury, we know how important a safe home is for healing and returning to maximum health. We also know that moving into a new living space can be unfamiliar and may pose a risk to future injury. At Home Today we:

Maximize Your Enjoyment in Life

You have many things you need to do and want to do each day. This is everything from getting ready in the morning, to preparing a meal, to pursuing hobbies and volunteering. As we age, sometimes participating in these activities becomes more challenging. At Home Today, we want to help you do all the things you need and want to do including: